Custom Software

Off-the-shelf software is not customized to meet one’s needs but rather a general-purpose solution to a problem. The software might be an office suite for making spreadsheets or an accounting application for tracking audits and managing company funds. Custom software meets the needs of a particular company with a specific goal in mind.

The majority of custom software developed is created for an individual company’s needs. You provide your requirements, and we work to meet them. On average, our turn around time for small projects is one to two months depending on the complexity.

Custom software design

Custom software has you in mind versus a large portion of other companies and their respective websites. You provide your software specifications and behavior expectations, and we design them accordingly. We take our time to meet your needs through a series of tests while getting your feedback through the whole design process.

Custom software is flexible, and you can request to have it with any features that you need according to your type of business. If you need an application for a food business, we can design it with an appropriate layout that minimizes navigation frustration and maximizes customer satisfaction. If you need quoting software, we can ensure that it can balance your needs accordingly. We concentrate on designing software that is compatible and suited to your unique needs.

Custom software development API

Customer software development API can be integrated into already existing software to expand it and improve its capabilities. With custom API, it is general-purpose but flexible to tailor to your needs. You can easily add it to your compatible software and use it for your business purposes. We can create custom APIs that are suitable for all of your software needs and maintain flexibility in each of them without risks or delays. We ensure that our custom software development API has exceptional quality and fully documented for your reference.

  • Volusion Order processing API
  • Volusion inventory management API
  • Volusion tracking management API
  • Volusion quote management API
  • Volusion search refinement
  • Volusion SQL reports
  • Interactive Parts Finder
  • Variable search refinement
  • Modular search refinement
  • Cruise itinerary
  • Category-specific store templates
  • Pre-Checkout upsell landing page
  • Synchro – data
  • Bandwidth reduction
  • Duty-free preorder functionality
  • Uniform builder
  • Website white labeling
  • Zip code based category selection 
  • Membership redemption

Custom software maintenance

 Any software on the market is likely to have bugs in their early stages. These bugs create unexpected circumstances for customers when they are using the software. We work to maintain custom software and ensure to debug it as thoroughly as is possible. We work to develop new solutions for better efficiency in the custom software and better meet your business needs.

Our priority is providing a seamless solution that is manageable by our team and our client. We receive feedback about our software, and we fix it accordingly with minimized downtime. Additionally, we can add new features upon request and ensure that you can be more productive and increase satisfaction for customers who are using the software. We focus on making software that is friendly in memory usage and UI layout.

  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • Bugs