Electronic commerce, or eCommerce for short, refers to any transactions involving purchasing and marketing of goods and services on the internet. eCommerce relates to the online sale of physical or digital products and the transfer of funds via digital means. eCommerce represents all commercial transactions that are completed on the internet and is a significant feature of many businesses that are solely physical, online, or a combination of both.

eCommerce store design

The design of an eCommerce store is vital for customer satisfaction and activity. Generally, customers rate an eCommerce site within their first 10 seconds of being on it and can decide whether to stay on it and look at its products. A quality site is bound to attract consumers and encourage them to browse your available goods and services.

However, a website with a poor design can lead potential customers away. Here are some aspects of inadequate design:

  • An overwhelming amount of graphics, text, and advertisements can frustrate customers.
  • Websites that look suspicious can discourage customers because they may think they are on a fake site that is attempting to steal their information.
  • Variable typography can strain the eyes of the customers.
  • Hidden links, a missing call to action, or CTA, button, and the poor page formatting can drive away your customers.

To attract customers to your site and keep them satisfied with its presentation, here are some basic guidelines:

Design a customizable user interface or UI that is simple, legible, and easy to navigate.

  • Make your CTA button clear with easily readable typography.
  • Implement a navigable site structure with clear and concise labels, graphics, and menus.
  • Use light data and image files.
  • Avoid the use of excessive advertisements and popups that can result in poor customer satisfaction.
  • Use colors that are distinct and easy to see.

eCommerce store development

Design is only one part of creating an eCommerce website. Development is a significant part that can help customers to use your site with confidence. We will develop appropriate buttons, links, and other special features that make their time on your website worthwhile and user-friendly.

As a complement to design, development gives purpose to the website design and all its components. Effective dropdowns, menus, tabs, and custom elements and positioning provide a definite sense of user interaction with your website. Testing is an extensive process in development because it helps you make sure your site is working correctly and securely. When a customer performs a transaction, the processing should be as accurate and precise as possible within a reasonable time. Slow websites and data processing can discourage customers and view your site as unresponsive and not useful.

eCommerce store maintenance

Your site might be functional and is easy to navigate and use, but that is only half the battle. Maintenance helps you to ensure your customers achieve maximum satisfaction with your site as it grows. Here are some things we will do to maintain your site:

Check that all of your pages are loading without errors.

  • Make updates to website software and plugins.
  • Check your website’s loading speed and ensure that it is operating at optimum efficiency.
  • Review your website design and structure.
  • Check graphics and image sizes.
  • Test checkout process.
  • Review your workload for efficiencies to see if anything can be automated.